JULY 2022 CBRPC Update

All Certificants, Agencies and Universities:

We continue to monitor the COVID-19 Coronavirus and all of its consequences.  CPRS has announced it will hold an in person conference in March 2023. The conference will be in San Diego. Information concerning a Therapeutic Recreation Institute will be available from CPRS or the T.R. Section.

As we announced previously CBRPC now accepts up to 2.0 CEU’s (20 hours) of on-line courses, webinars, and classes.  Please be sure that the courses you take are certified and will apply to Recreation Therapy.  Follow the application guidelines when you renew. We ask that you have an accredited Provider number on all certificates that are submitted. The provider number indicates to our committee that the course is vetted and of value. Failure to have a provider number may slow your renewal process. If you have CEU’s from a an organization with no Provider number please indicate this on your application.

Remember that 2019 was the LAST year to take Safety related courses, Computer courses or work skill training courses (unless specific to RT and an advancement of your career). Please do not include these courses on your application


We have not yet found a solution to administering the Recreation Therapy exam online. We are looking at several options that will meet the needs of our professionals.  CBRPC appreciates the patience that the applicants have exhibited.  We hope to have an answer for you very soon. The next face to face RTC/RC exams will be given in November 2022. Contact the CBRPC office for more information.


The CBRPC office is open Monday – Thursday from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Please note that we are experiencing reception difficulties at the new office.  We are working to correct this, however, if you experience no answer or dropped calls this is the reason. If you get through to the voice-mail please leave a message that can be returned (including an extension). The best way, at this time, to reach the CBRPC office is by email or text.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused our certificants or agencies.


JoAnn Jones-Lopez  MS, RTC, RC
CBRPC President

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